Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor

Late last year, Grand Design’s Australia predicted that blurring lines between indoor and outdoor would be one of the top four design trends of 2013. 

Blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor is a well established and quintessential aspect of living in Australia. Whether realised through the courtyards of Melbourne or the sprawling verandas of our warmer States and Territories, our penchant for the great outdoors is firmly fixed in our collective psyche as an extension that is seamlessly integral to the whole. And while these spaces have benefited from design to some extent since time immemorial, the swing towards a truly created environment has evolved with particular verve over the past decade.

In particular, this shift is evident in the way commercial architects and designers activate outdoor areas for both work and play by addressing similar concerns of flow, usage, scale and longevity as they would for an interior space.

The Australian Financial Review recently highlighted that the demand for outdoor rooms is increasing with many architects not only making the most of the exterior but also using natural light to add to the aesthetics indoors. Ivy Pool Bar in Sydney and Queensland’s North Leagues and Services are great examples of venues that have combined the two spatial dynamics seamlessly. Read more Esque 4.

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