An innovation in modern architecture now available in Australia

Bringing innovative products that helps interior designers and architects, whilst maintaining design aesthetics and cost efficiencies has been the premise of Baresque. To this end, we announced that we’d bring Slate-Lite, an innovation in modern architecture to Australia as sole distributors.

When we met Slate-Lite’s parent company in Germany, we were fascinated to hear about how this innovative product is less than 2mm thick and made of real stone – giving any surface a real stone finish. From design viewpoint, real stone has been regarded as a premium building material that reflects unique character, stability, grandeur and a natural / eco-friendly environment. Variations of natural stone’s broad range of colour pattern and texture also make it visually interesting to spaces.

However, using real stone has always been challenging from versatility, limitations owing to size and cost effectiveness perspectives. And this is where stone veneer Slate-Lite fits in.  The product range has real stone surface and light weighted back and can be used for indoor cladding as well as furniture design suited for a range of projects such as office foyers, receptions, airports and universities. The properties of real slate on one side combine with flexibility and the light weight of the back to allow for the most amazing projects to be made possible.

More information on Slate-Lite is available here.  


L to R: Slate-Lite in California Gold, Slate-Lite in Argento Auro, Slate-Lite in Arcobalino Gris









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