Learning spaces of the future

Learning and education spaces are moving away from their traditional beige walls, white boards, brown benches and teachers. Education spaces now aim to be centres of inspiration, innovation and birthplace of entrepreneurship.

Canberra’s newest cultural institution Questacon recently moved into a new premises and is busy preparing the Questacon Technology Learning Centre for a 2013 grand opening. According to an article in Canberra Times, the institution hopes the new education hub will inspire young Australians to invent and innovate. Areas within the centre are being specifically designed as open creative environments to encourage maximum inspiration and exchange of ideas.

BVN Architecture’s ‘Learning Space of the Future’ for Victoria University using IdeaPaint is a great example of providing means for experiential learning well beyond the classroom. Following the brief, they have created an interactive learning environment that encourages both teachers and students to rethink learning paradigms. BVN explored possibilities for using high-tech solutions within an intrinsically experiential and flexible environment including striped bean-bags, bright yellow wall, hidden technology and floors and walls that can be written on!

Offering flexibility and engagement, the new age education centres provide learning experiences that are individual and yet, all-encompassing. They build a brand and tell a story while facilitating the absorption of information. It will be interesting to see how these spaces change in the future.

vic uni Vic_uni_ideapaint

BVN Architecture’s ‘Learning Space of the Future’ for Victoria University using IdeaPaint

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